Project summary

The Regional Investment Promotion Unit focus’s on investors and assists local and foreign businesses in unpacking the landscape and navigating a multitude of key sectors.Contracts are awarded on a 3 year basis and Resource Design has had the privilege of being awarded this contract for the second time.

The first 3 years saw the stand constructed mainly from X-board and was reused approximately 16 times. Each year saw a different design but the majority of elements were reused with only a few parts replaced.The booth has won numerous Gold at a number of shows over the last 5 years.

With the awarding of the contract for the second time, Resource Design has opted for a slightly different approach. Using reclaimed materials the design has incorporated some steel framework and reclaimed timber panels. The design was reconfigured to fit into 4x different layouts and booth sizes.

Once again the design won Gold medals at 4x different events.

Key performance indicators