EcoXpo is a sustainable, recyclable and versatile option to exhibition construction. The boards are made from a mix of up cycled waste Kraft paper and has among others the following advantages:

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for direct UV inkjet printing, eliminating the need for vinyl application
  • Recyclable
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Extremely cost effective due to the weight-saving benefits. Boards are flat packed and transported to site for quick assembly and this means less-on-site staff. (X-board is around 7x lighter than MDF)

A typical exhibition booth is usually constructed of non-recyclable, engineered wood (typically MDF or particleboard) or rigid plastic sheeting. These substrates are dressed up with corporate logos, imagery, corporate colour-matching paint and other decorations, in order to portray a visual concept of the corporate, what it stands for and the products it sells.

Post-show, more often that not, industrial waste bins of exhibition related waste is sent direct to landfill to be dumped.

Using X-board offers the added greening option of re-cyling on site, instead of paying to remove post event waste.

Xanita’s X-Board changes everything.

Post-show, X-Board can be signed over as industrial paper waste to the exhibition centre management, who gladly compact the boards in industrial paper waste compactors. The paper waste is then handing over to contracted paper recycling companies for repulping once again into Kraft paper…..and so the cycle repeats itself.

Call it “cradle-to-cradle” exhibiting. We call it ecoXpo.

Modular Booth System

At last an affordable alternative to shell scheme! Resource Design now offers a personalised premium structure which can be hired or purchased.

The walk-on package in-line and corner stands are sustainable, have excellent sound mitigation and can be specifically branded for your event. Semi-permanent recyclable designer stands are made from EFB (Engineered Fibre Board)

Event parameters becoming ever more prescriptive. With build up schedules are shorter than ever, the time is now to reinvent ourselves – to build stands in less time, using less resources (specifically labour and transport) and eventually disable disposal.

A great way to green your event!!

Light weight and flat packable, shows can be erected in 1/3 of the time of normal shell scheme, general floor areas are clean and the personalized design immediately make the expo stand out.

EFB stands – the most complete solution. Using the only Eco-Certified board in South Africa.

Resource Design in the only company in South Africa that specializes in the design and build of Xboard – a locally produced EFB.

WOSA – 2012, 2015 & 2018

A great success story! Some 350 exhibitors have their own 3×2 branded stands. They are offered several variations of units – all constructed in EFB, including a counter, backdrop and shelving for display. First used in 2012, the exhibitors all purchased the units outright and included in the prices was delivery to their premises post event. Most used all or elements of the stand after the show on other events or in their showrooms.

The build was 95% completed with1 and ½ days before the show opened, giving exhibitors ample time to bring in samples and set up their booths.

2018 will be the 3rd time WOSA has opted for this system. It was without any hesitation the decision was made as both previous installations had been so successful.


In 2014 we were approached by the SACSC to design and build a ‘pavillion’ for boutique shop owners. We were able to provide individual designed and branded booths that the exhibitors could customise to suit their needs. The final result was an innovate product that added an upmarket and innovative element to the show.

The organisers and exhibitors were delighted with the end result – so much so the stands were stored and used for the next 2 years. Although not all the exhibitors were from the same companies, the booths could be rebranded and layed out in a different configuration to suit the venue.

This year could see the booths used for the 4th time.

The reusabilty of EFB is seriously under estimated.


With over 40 years experience between us in the Exhibition and Design Industry, Resource Design is able to offer creative and innovative solutions for all your exhibition requirements. From concept and design to construction and project management, our services range from a local and national basis to worldwide.

The company offers a turnkey service which covers all aspects of the process of exhibiting.
A design concept is produced according to the clients brief, paying special attention to the clients marketing and budget requirements.

We promote the use of sustainable materials such as Xanita board and the use of LED lighting.

Small or large, fixed or mobile we supply a complete turnkey solution tailor made to specific requirements. Our aim is to increase your brand awareness and promote image building with the ultimate aim of increasing company revenue.

We handle all aspects of exhibition stands to include the following:

  • Concept and Design
  • Manufacturing of all elements
  • Installation / dismantling on site.
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Audio Visual hire
  • Graphic design and reproduction

By its very nature, retail design is a specialized practice of graphic and interior design and strives to incorporate the branding of the product with the whole shopping experience.

As designers, we take an integrated approach to marketing, brand building and problem-solving. We are solution driven and look for the most appropriate medium available so you can connect with your market.  Our objective is to create inspiring brand experiences in retail industry. Whether you need a once-off custom boutique designed or a nationwide roll-out, Resource Design will meet your requirements.

Retail Kiosks

Resource Design is able to offer a full turnkey service for the Retail Kiosk industry, for both interior and exterior use . We will design, develop and manufacture innovative retail solutions using the latest materials and technology. We have full access to a range of internationally designed kiosks in partnership with SDD Retail, UK. We draw on their international experience and combined with our local knowledge, deliver to your expectations.

Point of Sale

Using Xanita Board predominantly, Resource Design offers a full design and production service for Point of Sale units on small to medium size quantities (1 – 1000 units). Designed to last for up to 3 years in-store, with optional scuff-protection, the displays assemble without tools  and can later be pulped and recycled as waste cardboard. The units are well suited to the liquor industry and can be shipped flat-packed into stores and assembled within minutes.

Level Up


In a changing world with ‘millions’ often dictating the way we do and look at things, Resource Design aims to design opportunities that offers connections help attendees enjoy an experience that’s memorable and meaningful – added elements which add to the experience of the exhibition.

We believe added value to the stand or conference by offering an interactive experience ensures the visitor has a much more enjoyable and memorable experience.

Think along the lines such as something cool and fun like a Kraft gin or beer or unique foodie experience(think Nitrogen made ice-cream) will take over from the standard networking event. When your stand is the hot spot on the exhibition floor that everyone wants to experience, you know you are doing something right.

Supplying a coffee station is just one of those services but we ensure our baristas and support staff are of the highest quality offering top level service and with the ability to engage with visitors.

  • Coffee Tastingchallenge
  • 3D Printing (mini me or product)
  • Craft culture (beer, gin, health foods)
  • Beverages such as smoothies, juices, high tea, coffee
  • Nitrogen Ice cream – The ultimate wow factor for your event, ice cream made in minutes using liquid nitrogen. With stunning effects!
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